Wooden Composite Interior Flush Door

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Wooden composite interior flush door is a simple indoor door, which refers to the door with hinges (hinges) installed on the side of the door and opened inward (left inside, right inside) or outward (left outside, right outside). It is composed of door pocket, hinge, door leaf, lock, etc. the swing door is an indoor door with the largest demand in the market. Therefore, in addition to being solid, the indoor door also involves many aspects, such as thermal insulation, sound insulation, beauty and so on.

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What is the wooden composite interior flush door ?

wooden composite interior flush door is a simple indoor door, which is widely used in the scenes of home interior decoration and office decoration. The structure is simple, firm and durable, and you can design various styles of shapes and choose your favorite paint color. Equipped with high-quality hinges, handles, door locks and other hardware accessories.

Usage Scenario Of Eco-Friendly Indoor Door

(1) Home interior decoration

(2) Club and Hotel interior decoration

(3) Office interior decoration

(4) Other interior decoration needs

Size Selection





Length: 1000mm-2400mm

Width: 600mm-1200mm



Bridge and tunnel shaped board

Laminated Veneer Lumber

Medium Density Fiberboard

PVC decorative surface


We can offer Design Service , Buyer Label and OEM Service

How design of wooden composite interior flush door?

If you are interested in the wooden composite interior flush door products of creative door, please email our sales staff. According to your requirements, our efficient and professional designer team will design customized products for you

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