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With the acceleration of the pace of life in modern society and the huge pressure of work, many young people are very impetuous towards life. The reinforced concrete city makes people feel very depressed. The repeated and numb life is also erasing our pure yearning for simple ideals. But there is a place that has always been our fortress and our haven. This place is our home. It is our purest yearning for simple life.

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Do you know why white veneered interior doors are the most popular?

According to industry big data statistics, most families like to choose light colored wooden doors when decorating, especially white, which is particularly popular. So why do so many families like to choose white wooden doors? Today, CREATIVO DOOR will share with you the reasons.

From the moment we came home from work, we really put down our precautions outside and completely released our inner pressure. At this time, light color, especially white decoration style, is generally the best choice. As a transitional part of various spaces in the home environment, white wooden door has become the best choice for us in decoration because of its fresh and elegant characteristics.

How to choose silent door ?

white veneered interior doors has always been one of the popular wooden doors with high acceptance. First of all, white itself is a versatile color. The style of decoration based on white wooden door will make the whole interior clean, bright, refreshing and comfortable. The white home style is always attractive.

With the rise of post-80s and post-90s mainstream consumer groups. Small house type has become the main house type of house purchase, so the versatile and bright white wooden door has become the first choice of the public. When the whole door is white, it not only gives people a fresh and clean feeling, but also they are cold and gorgeous, simple and full of charm. They are as light as a fairy with fine dust and pure beauty, far away from the noisy noise, and let the wind and rain outside the house, so that you can enjoy a quiet.

white veneered interior door D-18
white veneered interior door D-11

In addition, home is where we stay for a long time in our life, so we pay great attention to its decoration requirements. In the choice of color system, bright or dark colors such as red, black and earth yellow are generally not very recommended. The wooden doors with warm colors or log colors are generally softer and less aggressive, so they are easy to be accepted and loved by more people.

And from a scientific point of view, if the color is too cold or the contrast is large, it will bring greater pressure to the residents, which is not conducive to daily relaxation of body and mind, and will make people more tired. Therefore, when choosing, the general salesperson will also be more inclined to recommend the owner to choose relatively comfortable colors such as white, rice white and light blue, so as to calm our heart.

Of course, when choosing the color of wooden doors, there is a point that needs special attention, that is, do not choose the same color as the wall, otherwise there may be confusion in the level. In case the indoor space does not have a good division, it is also easy to lead to aesthetic fatigue visually!

Usage scenario of eco-friendly indoor door

(1) Home interior decoration

(2) Club and Hotel interior decoration

(1) Office interior decoration

(2) Other interior decoration needs

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Length: 1000mm-2400mm

Width: 600mm-1200mm

Thickness: 35mm-45mm


Bridge and tunnel shaped board

Laminated Veneer Lumber

Medium Density Fiberboard

PVC decorative surface


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