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It is believed that many people have been awakened by the sound of opening the door, including the sound of closing the door, the sound of unlocking, etc., which is simply suffering for owners who sleep lightly. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of such people, silent doors gradually appear in people’s vision. So, what is the principle of silent door? How to choose silent door? Let’s have a brief understanding with CREATIVO DOOR.

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What is the principle of silent door?

The silent Wooden composite interior door uses the principle of magnetic force to avoid the problem of mechanical collision and reduce the unlocking sound. The door edge of the silent door uses magnetic suction strips for sound insulation, which can be at least 38 dB. At the same time, the silent door increases the thickness of the door leaf, which can not only reduce the transmission of sound, but also play the effect of thermal insulation.

How to choose silent door ?

According to the material selection of the Silent door, in order to avoid the deformation and other defects of the silent door, most silent door made of solid wood composite material . The selected profile is thick and has strong frame support ability.

Select according to the strict materials: we know that the sound is transmitted through the air, so when selecting the silent door, we must check whether the door leaf and door width are tight, including the up and down treatment, and whether the magnetic strip is installed beside the door, otherwise the mute effect cannot be guaranteed.

Silent wooden composite interior door Q-021
Silent wooden composite interior door Q-08

Check whether the mute door switch is smooth, when purchasing the silent door, you should start it in person and switch it repeatedly to see whether the action is smooth and whether the connection of various parts is normal. If you need to use strong force to open it when switching, it is recommended not to choose it.

According to the brand of silent door: at present, there are many brands and types of silent door on the market. When purchasing, pay attention to the brands with good reputation and perfect after-sales service, which can not only ensure the effect of products, but also have better after-sales service, and it is convenient for maintenance and installation.

If you want a quieter life, contact creative door to choose the style you like.

Usage scenario of eco-friendly indoor door

(1) Home interior decoration

(2) Club and Hotel interior decoration

(1) Office interior decoration

(2) Other interior decoration needs

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Length: 1000mm-2400mm

Width: 600mm-1200mm

Thickness: 35mm-45mm


Bridge and tunnel shaped board

Laminated Veneer Lumber

Medium Density Fiberboard

PVC decorative surface


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