Paint Free Veneered Environmental Protection Ecological Interior Door

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The material of veneered environmental protection ecological interior door adopts composite technology, and the side brace of door leaf adopts LVL solid wood multi-layer material, which has good stability. The interior of the door core is made of composite materials, which can also be upgraded to the mechanical plate of bridge and tunnel. It has strong impact resistance, extremely stable, sound insulation, noise reduction and ecological environmental protection. Ecological balance layer, fiberboard material, high flatness and good impact resistance. The surface coating external finish has strong oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance and UV resistance. It is not easy to fade, crack, easy to take care of and easy to maintain; Scratch resistance and avoid troubles caused by collision; Vivid texture; More environmentally friendly, special for interior decoration of high-grade RV.

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What is the Paint free veneered environmental protection ecological inter door?

Paint free veneered environmental protection ecological inter door use Environmental friendly PVC decorative surface material for the surface. No painting, no smell, so it's more environmentally friendly.

The PVC decorative surface has strong oxidation resistance, acid, alkali and ultraviolet resistance. It does not fade, crack and is easy to clean. It is simple to maintain and lasts as long as new . Scratch resistance and avoid troubles caused by collision . Vivid texture, natural comfort and natural effect.

Now more people are willing to choose Paint free veneered environmental protection ecological inter door.

Usage Scenario Of Eco-Friendly Indoor Door

(1) Home interior decoration

(2) Club and Hotel interior decoration

(3) Office interior decoration

(4) Other interior decoration needs

Size Selection





Length: 1000mm-2400mm

Width: 600mm-1200mm



Bridge and tunnel shaped board

Laminated Veneer Lumber

Medium Density Fiberboard

PVC decorative surface


We can offer Design Service , Buyer Label and OEM Service

Our advantages of Paint free veneered environmental protection ecological inter door?

(1) Our factory adopts fully automated production, with short production cycle and fast delivery

(2) Our factory has strong strength and has a flagship exhibition hall. Welcome to visit on the spot

(3)  Professional and efficient designer team to provide design support for customers

(4)  Custom-made size and shape are available

(5) Professional foreign trade team provides high-quality service

Production process of environmental protection veneered door

Product Structure Diagram

Product structure diagram

Material Selection Of Products

Material selection of products

The internal material of the door leaf is high-quality Bridge hole shaped door core particleboard

The door core is made of wood, with impact resistance, stability, sound insulation and noise reduction, ecological and environmental protection

MDF, balanced door shape, not easy to deform

All materials have passed environmental protection inspection and quality test

PVC Decorative Surface

PVC decorative surface

Color of PVC Decorative Surface

Color of PVC decorative surface 1
Color of PVC decorative surface 2

Our production line

our prdduction line 3
our pruducion line 4
our pruduction line 1
our prduction line 2

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