What factors affect the price of wooden doors?

The price of wooden door is an important factor to determine which wooden door consumers choose. It is also wooden door. Sometimes the price varies greatly. What determines the price of wooden door? Today, let’s talk about the influencing factors of wooden door price.



For wooden doors of the same type and quality, the price of well-known brands is often higher than that of ordinary brands. The pricing of wooden doors generally includes brand premium, because well-known brands are more favored by consumers, so their brand premium is higher.

Texture of material

Now most of the market are solid wood doors, solid wood composite wood doors and molded wood doors; All solid wood doors are made of natural solid wood, without using any density board, with good quality and high price; Solid wood composite doors are mostly made of pine, fir and imported fillers, and the price is lower than that of solid wood doors; Molded wood door is made of high-density fiber molded door skin by mechanical pressing, among which the price is the lowest.

Paint and glue

Paint and glue are important sources of formaldehyde and other pollutants released from wood products such as wooden doors. The lower the content of formaldehyde and other pollutants in paint and glue, the less the emission, the more environmentally friendly it is; For example, using water-based paint with water as solvent, the formaldehyde content is very low. At the same time, using tenon and tenon structure greatly reduces the use of glue. Therefore, its environmental protection is very high, and the price is naturally a little higher than that of ordinary wooden doors.


The functionality of wooden doors also affects the price of wooden doors; For example, silent doors, environmental protection doors and wooden doors take one function superior to other wooden doors of the same category as the main selling point, and the price is naturally higher.

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of the same type of wooden door is also different. Good technology requires high experience, technology and equipment, and the process is complex. The wooden door is stable and not easy to crack and deform, so the price is high; Like the tenon and mortise technology often used in European style wooden doors, the mature technology is an important guarantee for the quality of wooden doors.

after-sale service

Good after-sales service will inevitably consume a lot of human, material and financial resources. Reflected in the wooden door, the cost will increase, so the price of wooden door will also increase. Although good service is bought at a high price, good service is an important embodiment of the seriousness and responsibility of the enterprise, which can greatly improve our use experience.

Post time: May-11-2022