What Are The Knowledge Points Of Decorative Inter Door Painting Process?

Instructions for painting process of wooden door making: wooden door making needs to go through many steps, from wood selection, dehydration, veneer application, to polishing and painting of wooden door. The quality of these wooden doors is directly related to the quality of finished wooden doors. Among them, the painting of wooden door, as the later process of wooden door production, directly affects the use effect of solid wood door and solid wood composite door. Good painting technology can not only make the wood skin texture of solid wood door clearly visible, but also make the service life of solid wood door and solid wood composite door longer.

The types of common paints on the wooden door market are roughly divided into phenolic paint, alkyd paint, polyurethane paint, nitro paint, polyester paint and PU paint. Among them, phenolic paint and alkyd paint are basically eliminated in decoration due to poor film texture and adhesion. Nitro paint, polyester paint and PU paint are widely used. Nitro paint is used by most manual decorative wood because of its simple construction and suitable for manual operation, but its paint film is thin and its hand feel is not good, so the effect is not ideal in the production of wooden doors.

Polyester paint is relatively thick, but its diluent contains radon when volatilizing, and the hardness of the paint film is slightly weak. The ideal is PU paint. PU paint not only has the advantages of thick film, strong adhesion and good transparency of polyester paint, but also has good sealing performance. It also plays a very important role in moisture-proof of solid wood doors. The hardness, durability, yellowing resistance and environmental protection of PU paint are unmatched by other paints. As far as painting is concerned, generally speaking, when polyester paint and PU paint are used, six painting processes such as color finding, three bottoms and two sides and so on are required.

As a wooden door manufacturer, creativodor selects good wood door production paint when painting the wooden door, and operates according to the specified production process to ensure the texture and durability of the wooden door. Characteristics of various wood door painting processes: there are many different processes for wood door coating. The principle of process design is to select appropriate coating varieties, determine the coating process and the configuration of relevant equipment according to the customer's requirements and standards for wood door products. In terms of the surface effect requirements of wooden door products, we can divide them into fully enclosed effects.


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Post time: Mar-16-2022