The design of customized wooden doors for the whole house is also important f


In recent years, whole house customization has become a trend. As an important part of the project, the customized wooden door of the whole house constitutes a very important element in the whole wood customization!

The "wooden door" here refers not only to the door of the house, but also to the wooden door of other products, such as cabinet door, which is a big concept of wooden door.


1. Form design element: the design of the wooden door itself

① Graphic design: different decorative effects can be created by changing the line combination of the panel, which can be divided into line interweaving, block surface crossing, regular lines, etc.

② Middle design: put the main shape in the middle of the wooden door and realize it through line changes. The more the lines change, the more European the wooden door is, and the wooden door is mostly American.

③ Mosaic design: the main ornaments are placed in the middle of the wooden frame to form a mosaic decorative effect. In most cases, glass or art glass is used.

2. Key points of design: coordinated design of wooden door and surrounding environment

① Color matching: dark, gray and light wood doors have an important impact on the environment, both decorative and decorative.

② Graphic Collocation: echo with the graphics of the surrounding environment to make the wooden door echo with the environment normally.

③ Comparison and Collocation: through comparison, there is a clear contrast with the environment, which can highlight the decorative nature of the wooden door.

Post time: Aug-01-2022