How To Distinguish The Quality Of Indoor Wooden Doors

How to distinguish the quality of indoor wooden doors?

The purchase of wooden doors is very important. The wooden doors with poor quality are likely to fall off paint, deformation and other phenomena, and finally reduce the service life of wooden doors. Here are some of my personal experiences to share with you.

First, check the appearance of inter door

First look at the color, details, texture, etc. High quality environmental protection paint is used for wooden doors with good quality, and the color of the door panel looks more uniform and natural; The material of the door panel is good, so it feels fine and smooth, and the overall feeling is uniform and beautiful. By smelling the smell, we can preliminarily identify whether the wooden door meets the environmental protection requirements. Open the closed door first. Or smell the smell of wooden doors at close range. If there is pungent smell, and even feel dry eyes, tears and sneezing, it indicates that the formaldehyde emission of wooden doors is high and should be selected carefully.

Second, by knocking, weigh and judge the quality of the filling material of the indoor door

The heavier the door, the more filling material is sufficient. The light weight door must not use enough filling materials. Sometimes, the poor quality of filling materials will also lead to insufficient overall weight of indoor doors.

Third, check the sealing strip

The high quality sealing strip is very soft and has high sealing performance.

Fourth, judge the material

The raw wood door is processed with log board, which looks high-end and high-grade, but the price is high and easy to crack.

Composite door is made of a variety of materials, which are bonded together by hot pressing or cold pressing. The internal quality of composite doors is different. There may be solid wood inside, or there may be little solid wood inside. Most of the interior is filled with hollow flower board and medium density plate flower board. The outer main frame is made of solid wood, medium density board and creative board, and a layer of solid wood strips are pasted on the surface. Its advantage is that it is not easy to crack and deform, has hand feeling, and the style of the door is diversified. However, large-scale factories must be selected to ensure the quality of materials used.

Solid wood composite door is the best-selling and most promising variety in the market. It combines Chinese traditional solid wood doors with European composite doors. The internal material is filled with imported white pine or Chinese fir, the wooden door board is made of medium density board, the surface material is made of European imported wood veneer, the edge is closed with solid wood board, and the outside is processed with solid wood lines. Its advantages are not easy to crack and deform, and its styles are diverse, which can be suitable for different styles of home decoration. Have a strong sense of solid wood and feel. Enhance personal taste.

Post time: Jun-03-2019