Environmental protection standard for interior composite wooden doors

In recent years, with the improvement of the overall consumption level, consumers' requirements for the environmental protection of decoration have also increased.


In October, 2021, the latest Chinese standard GB/T36900-2021 was officially implemented, that is, the standard "classification of formaldehyde emission from wood-based panels and their products" was officially published. There are three levels, namely E1, E0 and ENF. E1 formaldehyde emission limit ≤ 0.124mg/m³, E0 formaldehyde emission limit ≤0.050mg/m³, ENF formaldehyde emission limit ≤ 0.025mg/m³。

CREATIVODOOR has been deeply engaged in environmental protection home for 30 years, upholding the mission of making home more beautiful and healthy, carefully creating an environmental protection coefficient higher than the country's strictest environmental protection level ENF, and protecting the healthy space of thousands of households with high-quality products.

In 2022, the latest formaldehyde emission of CREATIVODOOR products was only 0.011mg/m³ after being tested by the national authority , The environmental protection level is much higher than the ENF standard.

Product test report

We insists on maintaining this environmental protection standard. In the future, CREATIVODOOR will  develop products with higher standards.

Post time: Jul-27-2022