Environmental Protection Painting Interion Door

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The formaldehyde emission of Environmental protection painting interion door was 0.02mg/m3, five times lower than the new national standard and close to zero.

Quiet: high-end soft magnetic suction + silent lock + door bottom airtight device, the three work together, and the sound insulation effect is extraordinary.

Stable as Mount Tai: strong stability, not easy to crack and deform. The exterior and interior are the same: the high-grade paint baking process is as smooth as silk, smooth and flat.

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What are the advantages of environmental protection painting inter door?

(1) LVL solid wood multilayer board+Bridge and tunnel shaped board are used as door core,not easy to deform

(2) Ecological fiberboard is used as a balance layer, stabilize and protect the environment

(3) Solid wood veneer decorative surface comes from high-end tree species, Same texture as solid wood

(4) Environmental friendly UV primer + Pu finish is adopted,  waterproof and not fading

(5) Fabric coated sound insulation strip is used for sound insulation and noise reduction

(6) Use 45 degree magnetic suction, reject noise

(7) Automatic door bottom sealer, which can lift automatically

(8) The hardware fittings made of German technology are firm and reliable

(9) The wooden door + wallboard + cabinet are designed in a unified way, and the background of the whole house is integrated into one

Material selection display

LVL solid wood multilayer board

LVL solid wood multilayer board

LVL solid wood multilayer board is used to produce door frames. Insect proof, anti-corrosion, anti-seismic, high toughness, strong stability, not easy to change.

Bridge and tunnel shaped board

Bridge and tunnel shaped board

Bridge and tunnel shaped board is used to fill wooden doors.It can withstand an impact force of up to 20 kg /square centimetre, Safe and reliable. And the sound insulation effect is excellent, which can reach 28 Decibel.

Medium Density Fiberboard

Medium Density Fiberboard

Using high-quality raw wood as raw material, using chipping and fiber separation technology, using the most environmentally friendly glue, the high-quality board formed by high-temperature hot pressing can smell a faint wood fragrance

Solid Wood Veneer Decorative Surface

Solid wood veneer decorative surface

Made of natural tree species or high-grade wood (red oak, black walnut, catalpa, cherry), Strong three-dimensional sense, clear and natural texture level, showing the log temperament.

Medium Density Fiberboard

Fabric coated sound insulation strip

The sound insulation strip has the advantages of sealing and heat preservation, and has no smell.



Environmental protection painting inter door is sprayed with environment-friendly paint, non-toxic and harmless.   It has the characteristics of wear resistance, sealing and waterproof.

Automatic Door Bottom Sealer

Automatic door bottom sealer 1

When the door is closed, the rubber strip will automatically fall and seal the gap at the bottom of the door; When the door is opened, the rubber strip will pop up automatically, which will not affect the opening and closing of the door.

45 Degree Magnetic Suction

45 degree magnetic suction 1

New structural design to improve the sealing efficiency

Door Lock

Door lock

The lock cylinder is made of pure copper through fine processing and high-end electroplating process

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