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XUZHOU CREATIVO DOOR INDUSTRY LIMITED’s parent company is Beijing YIYUAN Manufacturing Co., Ltd. which was founded in 1992, it is one of the first batch of modern enterprises committed to independent research and development, design, production, sales and service of wooden door products in China. XUZHOU CREATIVO DOOR INDUSTRY LIMITED was established in 2021, which was local in located in West 60 Meters of smart industrial park, Guan Hu Tow, Xu Zhou, Jang Su, China. CREATIVO DOOR is design to sale to overseas market development. CREATIVO DOOR covers an area of 500,00 square meter and the plant area is about 30000 square meters. The main products of CREATIVO DOOR are painting wooden door, veneer wooden door, PVC door, Solid wood door and so on. Since its established 29 years, the company has become a leading domestic home decoration enterprise in China. In the future, we will strive to explore overseas markets and let our products enter the homes of more customers.


In 29 years of development, CREATIVO DOOR has won the following honors

★ "China's top 30 wooden door Enterprises"

★ "30 year outstanding contribution award of China Wood Industry"

★ "China wooden door industry standard drafting organization"

★ "Vice President organization of wooden door special committee of China timber and wood products Circulation Association"

★ "Top 10 Chinese wooden door Enterprises"

★ "Vice chairman organization of door industry committee of furniture decoration chamber of Commerce of all China Federation of industry and Commerce"

★ "Top 100 enterprises in China's household industry"

★ "Executive vice president and Secretary General organization of the door and window Committee of Beijing home furnishing Association"

★ "Vice chairman organization of Beijing style home brand alliance"

2021 environmental system certification certificate (3)
2021 environmental system certification certificate (4)
2021 environmental system certification certificate (5)
2021 environmental system certification certificate (1)


Aerial view of the factory

CREATIVO DOOR adheres to the core values of "diligence, pragmatism, learning and innovation", strives to make the home more beautiful and healthy as its basic mission, and strives to become a respected home furnishing enterprise. We are focus on providing high quality products for individual residential building or business architecture, We'd like to express our desire to establish business relationship with you on the basis of quality and mutually benefit.


  • -1992-1999-

    ★ The predecessor of CREATIVO DOOR, Beijing Anju wood processing factory, was established to operate all kinds of wood business
    ★ Phase II technical transformation: introduce Door frame and solid wood door production line to produce "Anju brand" solid wood decorative line and solid wood door blank
    ★ The products sell well in Beijing market

  • -2000-2005-

    ★ The production base of the first plant was completed and transferred to the new plant for production
    ★ The third phase of technical transformation has been completed, the coating production line has been introduced, and painting products lead the market

  • -2006-2007-

    ★ Won the title of "national 30 market assured brands of wooden doors"
    ★ Won the title of "AAA enterprise with quality service reputation"
    ★ Established terminal retail network

  • -2008-2010-

    ★ Independent research and development of the third generation of room doors
    ★ Become the wooden door supplier of the media village project of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
    ★ Won the China wooden door CTC product quality certification
    ★ Become VIP strategic partner of the EASY HOME

  • -2011-2014-

    ★ ERP production management software system goes online
    ★ Won the "green building materials products" award
    ★ Won the "Contribution Award for standard preparation"
    ★ Become the "vice chairman unit of wood products committee of Beijing household industry association"
    ★ Become the "top 100 enterprises in China's home furnishing industry"

  • -2015-2017-

    ★ Become the "gold medal VIP partner" of the ESAY HOME
    ★ Become "China's top ten wooden door enterprises"
    ★ Won the "China wooden door original design award"
    ★ Won the "Top ten brands in wooden door industry"
    ★ Build a 40000 square meter production base in Xuzhou, Jiangsu

  • -2018-2020-

    ★ The first phase of automatic production line was officially put into operation
    ★ Increase the production line of environmental protection door and environmental protection cabinet door
    ★ Mass production of the sixth generation indoor door products
    ★ Won the"Top ten leading brands of wooden doors"

  • -2021-Now-

    ★ XUZHOU CREATIVO DOOR INDUSTRY LIMITED and the brand of “CREATIVO DOOR ”was established
    ★ The flagship store of the sixth generation products was completed and put into operation
    ★ Overseas official website www.creativodoor.com going online