45 Degree Angle Magnetic Sealed Wooden Composite Interior Door

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45 degree angle magnetic sealed wooden composite interior door using the principle of magnetic force, the problem of locking the door with a sound of 45 degrees is perfectly solved. At the same time, the 45 degree inclined mouth technology is also used to integrate the new soft magnetic suction into the decoration design of the door, so that the door can achieve the minimum sound insulation effect when closed. In addition, the mute door has been upgraded from 4cm thick to 4.5cm thick, which will not damage the beauty of the overall home design, but also effectively reduce the sound transmission and have a certain thermal insulation effect.

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45 degree angle magnetic sealed
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The door gap is the most critical factor to determine the sound insulation effect of the door, so the evaluator specially observed this factor and saw that this wooden door adopts the "45 degree inclined plug structure", which makes the sound propagate along 45 degrees and the stepped shape reduces the decibel of the sound. At the same time, a soft adhesive strip is installed at the inclined mouth to change the collision of previous hard wood materials and the non filling of the middle gap. The magnetic adsorption function makes the door leaf automatically adsorb with the door leaf when closing the door, which is closer. The combination of the two materials makes the door more sealed.

Product advantages

What are the advantages of 45 degree angle magnetic sealed?

More silent, using the magnetic principle to solve the physical collision problem of mechanical lock. Let the wooden door not only block the sound transmission of the two spaces, but also make it quiet when closing the door, which is safer, invisible and exposed inclined tongue. The lines of the wooden door are more complete, free from the worry of scraping clothes and body. It is more durable. Magnetic suction parts replace mechanical parts, and the parts are reduced to more exquisite and more humanized.

45 degree angle magnetic sealed wooden composite interior door M-04-1
45 degree angle magnetic sealed wooden composite interior door M-03

Usage scenario of eco-friendly indoor door

(1) Home interior decoration

(2) Club and Hotel interior decoration

(1) Office interior decoration

(2) Other interior decoration needs

Size Selection





Length: 1000mm-2400mm

Width: 600mm-1200mm

Thickness: 35mm-45mm


Bridge and tunnel shaped board

Laminated Veneer Lumber

Medium Density Fiberboard

PVC decorative surface


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